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With that in mind, Khia said that she has more respect for someone like Cardi B because at least she's come out and been truthful about her past.

"Cardi B was a stripper, Cardi B was a hoe, Cardi B got her money and she was proud to say it," explained Khia, who compared that to Trina's denial of her past in those lines of work.

"I was on Dirty Down Records, and you know how you leave one record company to go to another one and they hate and try to bash you? "They're the ones that's been spreading the rumors." (Representatives from Dirty Down Records could not be reached for comment.) "People, they got a habit of spreading stuff," she continued. I'm alive and well." The mantra "sex sells" has also been followed religiously by marketing execs for many moons, though the 25-year-old said the message has only recently been embedded in her brain.

"It's like the radio stations here, instead of confirming it, they get on the air and blast it and then try to confirm it later. People have been listening to her sexual demands on "My Neck, My Back" for months, and — much to her astonishment — they're loving it.

"I guess the world is just nasty and freaky like that," she said. It's just really getting to [the rest of the country]." Before Khia was getting her thug on in the studio, she was grinding as a bartender on the Tampa club circuit for seven years and rubbing shoulders with DJs until she gained a buzz with her own underground recordings.


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    "And it happens across the industry."Conru and AFF's CEO, Jon Buckheit, another Stanford Ph.

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