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Ahead of the brand new series premiering on Netflix on October 21, here’s a look at all of its previous seven episodes from worst to best. And it’s easy to see why the Iron Man star was so enamoured with what turned out to be the only Black Mirror episode so far not penned by Brooker (Peep Show’s Jesse Armstrong took over writing duties here).

This third instalment envisions a society in which wearable technology has allowed each person’s entire life history to be recorded, and ultimately rewatched and reviewed whenever they feel like it.

The second, 15 Million Merits, co-written with his wife Konnie Huq, is set in a dystopian future in which people spend all day on exercise bikes to earn credits.

They can spend these on food, pornography and, if they really save up, a ticket onto an X Factor-style television show.

Mrs Rudd won by the narrowest of margins of 346 votes, after two recounts. She gave a shaky interview to the BBC earlier in the night.