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A few of his friends gave him some ribbing, but for me, I've been there myself so I said nothing.

There wasn't much to see after passing the threshold, but as I turned in to the living room the scene set me back.

My years in the Marines before I became a cop were less bloody.

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On the floor was a unclothed male of undetermined height suffering two shot gun blasts.

His height was unknown because his head was missing. It was splattered all over the wall by the fireplace mantle. Even with his head missing the man on the floor was taller than Frank.

The gun cabinet in the den across the hall was opened and there were 12 gauge shells laying loose on the desk close by.

A quick count determined the box was new with four shells missing. Three shots to the bodies and one remained in the chamber of the shotgun.

If I didn't know better I think she may have known something. I figured you would have caught up with her and seen how she and Frank were doing." "I told you she was too friendly with the guy she was with and I didn't feel comfortable talking to her. " "Early to mid thirties, well over six foot, short blonde hair, dressed in a gray business suit." "Anything besides them acting inappropriate bother you about them? You know how I feel about cheaters." Asking Helen anymore about what she witnessed between Beverly and this guy would have been useless. Throughout the years we have both seen too many marriages fail because some damn idiot, male and female, decided that their wedding vows no longer mattered.


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    They used to put the number of members on their home page but they took it down, probably so competitors don’t know their membership numbers or how fast it’s growing.

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