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The wealth of Aphrodisias came from the marble quarries and the art produced by its sculptors.

The city streets are arranged around several large civic structures, which include temples, a theatre, an agora and two bath complexes.

The property encompasses the area of the city that resulted from various phases of planning between 18, as well as the indigenous unplanned neighbourhoods of Arbate Asmera and Abbashawel.

It is an exceptional example of early modernist urbanism at the beginning of the 20th century and its application in an African context.

With the opening of a commercial port at Xiamen in 1843, and the establishment of the island as an international settlement in 1903, this island off the southern coast of the Chinese empire suddenly became an important window for Sino-foreign exchanges.


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    City Rail was established pursuant to the Transport Administration Act, 1988 (NSW); and was first mentioned as an entity distinct from the State Rail Authority in the Parliament of New South Wales in the opening address of the third session of the 49th parliament by the Governor of New South Wales, James Rowland on 21 February 1990.

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