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How much would stick out on each side if it was centered? The flue pipe will be 4" inner diameter, 6 5/8" outer diameter.

The blower will indeed circulate heat between both sides.

The surrounds can overlap any surrounding stone work, as long as the face of the fireplace itself is flush with the wall.

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The unit is narrow enough that it can be built into a corner, with the corner wall facing measuring 33 1/2 inches between the adjacent walls.

It can also be vented horizontally through the outside wall without an issue.

It is not recommended to tile over the front of the unit as this would block access to the controls and service parts located below the fireplace face.

This unit comes as a see through fireplace, a kit is not needed.

However, the manufacturer does not provide any mantel clearances for this model, so this guidance is unavailable.