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I am not a competitive bodybuilder, but I am dedicated to my weight training.

As such, I find that I would like to meet someone who is also into that lifestyle.

They don't have to a bodybuilder by any means, but I am highly attracted to a woman who knows how, and isn't afraid to, push some serious weights.

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I used to run distance, but after dealing with bad injuries decided to get into weight training.

Ever since I was in High School (now 24), I have been into fitness.

My gym does have group classes, but they tend to focus more on aerobic and dance-based exercise as opposed to hardcore training.

I have considered joining a Crossfit Box, but they are extremely expensive, the not-uncommon $200-per-month price tag far too steep for this recent College graduate's budget.

This in follows my question: How can I meet women who are into this lifestyle and sport that muscular look?