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In an interview with Time, Jones said she approached Bush following the incident and asked if he had photobombed her. At the Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Will Ferrell revived his famous impression of the former president and said, "How do you like me now?

show co-host Billy Bush, talking raunchily about women in a 10-year-old tape.

Bush has really leaned into his leisurely life postpresidency. In the clip that has since gone viral, Bush is seen walking through the shot and stopping to simply say, "Hey!

At a recent Texas Rangers and Philadelphia Phillies baseball game in Arlington, TX, the former president walked past reporter Emily Jones during a live segment. " Though the Fox Sports Southwest reporter did not notice it at the time, the moment was fortunately caught on camera. " She added, "I've been photobombed before, but he was the President, so he's kind of a big deal." Though Bush was criticized during his presidency, the public has started to miss him since the inauguration of Donald Trump.

They are strongly opposed to same-sex marriage, and say their views are informed by their faith.


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