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These treatments are particularly significant for athletes who want to accelerate their recovery from injury (sports medicine) as well as for regular patients who want to enjoy an improved version of conventional treatments for injuries like shoulder pain, knee injuries, bursitis hip, etc.Our cardiologists deal with disorders related to heart and blood vessels, and provide diagnosis of and treatment for a variety of conditions including congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure and valvular heart disease.

Dialysis generally refers to removing waste (diffusion) and excess water (ultrafiltration) from the patient’s blood.

It is also aimed at maintaining a healthy balance of certain chemicals such as potassium and sodium in one’s blood.

Current flowing through both the core and the two thin copper wires creates an electrical field and causes the phosphor to glow.

The outer plastic sheaths filter the light produced by the phosphor and provide protection (many phosphors are highly sensitive to moisture).

The IMED Hospitals group offers our international visitors, assistance and support to help make the experience of planning treatment abroad in one of our hospitals as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.