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Competent pastoral counsel normally requires that the person offering counsel knows personally the people being counseled. You and your boyfriend should be speaking with your pastor.

Here I can only share general information that should be of some help to you, but cannot take the place of face-to-face pastoral counseling.

We offer Lutheran Speed Dating as well as the option to take your time and set your Contact Restrictions to only hear from those who meet YOUR criteria.


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    They tell you if you are going in the right direction and if you are doing the damn thang. You know you are a hot group when you can have several successful subgroups. We have to keep reminding people that R&B is still here, and it still exists. I think that every artist has a gift and to some degree we are all anointed.

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    We're proud to present seven different ways for you to meet strangers online.

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    It keeps telling me people disabled their accounts for no reason when they havnt. You can only view the last person who viewed you without paying.