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The Album was aptly named “It’s About Time.” The boys kept touring in the months leading up to that first album, which helped to make them more well known.The Jonas Brothers also went on the Disney Channel to promote the second single from their album.Currently Joe Jonas is dating Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, but he has had a prolific dating history since first becoming famous. There is an unofficial Joe Jonas Twitter page that gives out a Kik code, but since it does not have the blue checkmark of approval, it will not be listed here. Joe Jonas has an official VEVO for all of his new music videos.

, a You Tube series she launched with her backup-dancer-cum-best-friend, Mandy Jiroux. We all know where Cyrus is now, whether we want to or not. Well, she has been busy, too — and not dancing for Miley.

The show basically consisted of five-minute webcam videos of the two girls sitting on the floor of Cyrus' bedroom — and having giggle-fits of the magnitude that only teenaged BFFs can. The now-blonde 28-year-old (she's five years older than Cyrus) is a self-described singer, dancer, choreographer, and DJ.

She nicknamed him "Biew Biew." The two seemed inseparable a few years ago, taking vacations together to places like Big Sur, California, the Grand Canyon, and Barcelona.

The two were such great friends that in 2014, they even gave each other tattoos.

She just launched a dance cardio fitness program called Move Like Mandy.