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José Padilha (Elite Squad, Robo Cop) and Eric Newman (Children of Men) serve as executive producers of the series.

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I realized what I’ve been doing, like, a Disney movie and my first American movie and this great story with all this great cast and it’s a beautiful script and I was like, “Wow. PIPER PERABO You have to call, if you want him, you have to call Rusco. PIPER PERABO Well, I live in New York, so it would be nice to have such a big dog, but I also think they’re beautiful and so graceful and elegant.

I never thought about this, but, animals who work in movies. I like Frank, who’s the little pug, who’s a friend of Chloe’s. I don’t know, there’s something about them that I really like. MANOLO CARDONA From the actors that did the voices the only that I had the great opportunity to meet is Plácido Domingo.

Después del éxito de la primera temporada de la serie La Hermandad, el actor, que esta vez hace de psicólogo alcohólico, regresa a la plataforma de Claro Video con una segunda parte que promete más acción e intriga.

Este mes, además, lanzará con su productora Films & Tv, tres grandes producciones: Pambelé, la película Love Film Festival y la serie La fiscal de hierro. La serie recibió tantos elogios que Claro Video le pidió a la productora de Manolo, Films & Tv, hacer una segunda temporada que acaban de lanzar.

Netflix has released the official date announcement video for Season 2 of Netflix original series Narcos.


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