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) We took for granted that we’d spend our 20s finding ourselves, whatever that meant, and save marriage for after we’d finished graduate school and launched our careers, which of course would happen at the magical age of 30.

That we would marry, and that there would always be men we wanted to marry, we took on faith. One of the many ways in which our lives differed from our mothers’ was in the variety of our interactions with the opposite sex.

Martha Hunt beamed at her five-year-old female peagle pup (Pekingese/Beagle mix) called Bear after buying a bouquet of sunflowers in Manhattan's East Village on Sunday.

The 28-year-old IMG Model beat the 80F-degree summer heat in a black silk camisole tucked into blue denim cut-offs from Frame, pairing them with ballet flats for her mother-dog outing.

Once, in high school, driving home from a family vacation, my mother turned to my boyfriend and me cuddling in the backseat and said, “Isn’t it time you two started seeing other people?