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If Matt sees this, he will be angered about it, believing that something more is going on, showing a level of distrust towards her and Mike, and then angrily walks off.As more people arrive at the lodge, Matt will be noticeably upset if he saw Emily and Mike through the telescope, which Josh will comment on.

” That could have been cocksure Cary, but I felt like maybe he did feel very alone going to a new job by himself. No, no … I’m grateful that on a lot of casts I’ve gained friends for life. I have a small group of friends, and I just, uh, feel fulfilled by the people that are in my life. The main thing is that the “C” is silent, so it kind of starts with a “Z.” Z-O-O-K-RIE.

So I made it a moment of genuine want, and the writers, thankfully, liked that choice. What will happen to their friendship now that the state attorney’s office is investigating Kalinda?

After the argument, Emily will complain about her missing bag, to which Matt getting annoyed, suggests that maybe she just lost it, but she assumes that Matt must have left it by the cable car station and goes on to explain what it looks like, bringing up how Matt drooled over a girl at the counter at Rodeo.

She makes him go look for the bag, but promises that afterwards they could get very warm together, implying intercourse.

When he clears off the table for them to use, he notices a sign showing Emily Mike inside a heart, angering him, thinking she lead him this way to make him jealous.