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Travel insurance for the over 70s The insurance world has been slow to acknowledge that many retirees these days want to travel the world with their new-found freedom.

Worse - die abroad and the repatriation process could come in at as much as £17,000.

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Search for travel insurance deals here Family travel insurance Aimed at families travelling together, this kind of cover is typically suitable for two adults and up to four children aged to 18, and will usually come in cheaper than insuring each member individually.

You may also get higher levels of cover on a family policy, including more baggage cover, alternative accommodation and cancellation cover.

The reality is that, because of the sheer cost to insurers of medical treatment overseas if something happens to you while you’re away, those with pre-existing conditions will pay more for their policy.

But failing to disclose information can invalidate your cover and if disaster strikes, your claim will be rejected and it won’t pay out.

Not only that but buying your policy in plenty of time (most of us don’t) will cover you if the trip is cancelled by the companies involved or by you in certain cases, such as traveller illness or even the sudden death of a close relative.