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Enable us to recognize and accept those things You point out to us without defensive, rebellious,...

We have a radio interview with MMC Director Marty Zide, and Jim Schneider from VCY America, and below that, we have a NEW video with our Chicago-based staff member, Andy Ferrier, with Jim Schneider. Please visit the links on our site, and let us know if you would like any more information or if you have any questions. As you consider going to Israel, picture yourself: Walking through Beersheva, Abraham’s ancient city.

The MCC is here to meet the need of individuals, families, Bible study groups, and congregations throughout the world.

Lives are being transformed as Jews and non-Jews begin to walk in a deeper relationship with the King of Kings, Yeshua our Messiah.

Messianic Dating connects people who believe in the Messiah and want to lead their lives in a respectful way that incorporates this faith with their dating life., Messianic Dating.