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Can Patti find Donna's bae or will they leave her high and dry?Marcellas' close up proves to be too much and fails his first love lesson.Meeting a Millionaire Attracting a Millionaire Making a Relationship Work Community Q&A Dating a millionaire sounds like a fairy tale for a lot of women and men.

We have but one goal – to send you on your last, first date.

By interviewing high-caliber women face to face every day, we not only offer stunning looks, but women with substance and pure hearts.

Patti has her work cut out for her when two high intensity lawyers check in.

David Goldman, the epic ageist, and Rhonda Wills, a red carpet snob, force Patti to pull out all the stops to try to find them love.

Will she take the lessons that Patti has taught her or continue her rebellious streak?


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