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Standing behind the pedestals are opposing rows of fir trees that form the garden's outer border.

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(T 18 N, R 5 E) near Monticello, Illinois on the upper Sangamon River.

The park and manor house, The Farms, are attributed to owner Robert Allerton, industrialist heir, artist, art collector and garden designer.

Allerton also pursued ties with the University of Illinois.

In 1919 while Allerton lived at The Farms he was asked by the University to serve on the Campus Plan Commission.

Adjusted for inflation, it would be worth nearly $14 million in 2011 dollars. The principal area of 1,500 acres, originally known as the Woodland Property, was renamed the Robert Allerton Park. The c.1880 farmhouse was demolished in 2013, but several farm outbuildings remain. 1, 3-5, 7-8 are tenant farms turned over to the Endowment in 2007. 6 field acreage became part of PN No.4 when the farmstead buildings were demolished to make room for the WILL AM/FM/TV transmitter tower and equipment building in 1966. After the university took possession of the estate in October 1946 the park remained closed to the public because it lacked staff and amenities.