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Here’s a look back at how MSN Messenger used to look, during a time when everyone put emoticons in their name or status message, and your mom picking up the phone and killing your modem connection to MSN Messenger was just as annoying as someone using the same font and color as you during a conversation.

Microsoft’s previously hugely popular MSN Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger as it is now known, will be shelved in October – bringing an end to the 15-year-old service.

insanelycheerful: This was the email I signed up with, which my best friend chose for me.

I suppose I wanted it to convey the fact that I was upbeat to the point of mental illness, which feels starkly opposed to my current self.

I think I used to do them to my friends, but never anyone I fancied. cazzie_alice1988: I don't remember ever having a proper argument either.

"COME BACK HERE PLATONIC FRIEND, YOU DIDN'T SAY WHAT TIME WE'RE MEETING." iwalkalonelyroad: Never really had a big argument, although did have a very tense conversation with a friend after it came out we had been catfishing him for the best part of a term. It was mostly very tense and passive aggressive, always dancing around the subject but never really tackling it.

MSN Messenger was launched in 1999 to rival AOL’s popular AIM service - propelling the two into a battle to become the most-used instant messenger worldwide, the reported.


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