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The traditions of the ancient Pomors and Saami identity were complemented by the modern trends and enriched with the talents and experience of the people who arrived in the Kola High North from every corner of the vast Russia.

Today, the culture of Murmansk Region is rich and versatile: 11 museums including branches: Murmansk regional Museum of Local History, the Atomic Icebreaker «Lenin» Museum, 3 theatres (among them - the oldest puppet theatre in the country), 168 libraries, over 70 palaces and houses of culture and folklore centers, 59 schools of primary esthetic education, a college of arts and other cultural facilities.

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The Regional Philharmonic has been implementing major musical projects in cooperation with the Norwegian National Opera since 2000.

Viktoria Vladislavovna Chachina: Director of the Murmansk Regional Philharmonic (state institution of culture). Lenina, Murmansk Phone/fax: 7 8152 45 62 68Box office: 7 8152 45 08 [email protected] of creative teams active in the institution Philharmonic orchestra Band "Legkie lyudi" Band “Murmansk Classic Quintet” The Murmansk Regional Arts Museum was established in 1990.

It was in Murmansk, where, at suggestion of the Regional Department of the Union of Writers, in 1986 the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture was held for the first time in many decades, giving a revival to this celebration in Russia. They became renowned musicians not only in the Murmansk Region and Russia but also abroad: Honoured Artists of the Russian Federation A. Marinich – soloists of the Northern Fleet ensemble of singing and dance; T. It is active in collecting, storing and popularisation of the Murmansk Region cultural heritage.