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In exchange for the community’s loyalty, politicians have given Brooklyn’s Hasidim wide latitude to police themselves.Kellner sought counsel from Rabbi Chaim Flohr, the leader of an institute where rabbinic scholars study how the teachings of the Torah translate to contemporary dilemmas.The rabbi would have to make an exception to the Talmudic prohibition against , the act of turning over another Jew to civil authorities.

In exchange for political support, Brooklyn politicians give Hasidim latitude to police themselves.

They have their own emergency medical corps, a security patrol, and a rabbinic court system, which often handles criminal allegations.

He had left the job and started a toner business, collecting discarded cartridges and reselling them.

His son’s alleged abuser, Baruch Lebovits, was the descendant of a rabbinic dynasty, a prominent cantor with twenty-four grandchildren.

Molestation was rarely discussed in the community, and it didn’t seem to Kellner that any of the prohibitions in the Ten Commandments explicitly related to it.