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Member since 2014 and today I have joined the 6 figure club in my trading account!So a big thank you to everyone and a bigger thank you to you HB for your outstanding service! Just want to express my appreciation.”“[Harry's] ethics and reputation are impeccable...

I've been a long term trader for many years and yet always poor at day trades.

I realized Thursday that my portfolio has climbed 50% since I began in this room, even with all my mistakes.

AS BK can attest, there is nobody better in the Game”“This is the best site/chat group I have been in. ‎In the 3 or 4 months I have been a subscriber, I have made enough money from your picks to only last me another 240 months.”“As validation of the great traders in this room and the expertise of HB's guidance.

I have just reached a major milestone in my trading journey.

Any of you who have signed up for the trial, be ready to stay on board. I am an engineer so day trading is new to me, but trends and charting are in my expertise.


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