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Indeed, while the cardinal rule for all newly sober people is—hello—not to drink, writ slightly lower in the rulebook, in lighter ink, is a mandate against dating during the first year; while it isn’t found in any 12-step literature, the axiom is both whispered and stated aloud in almost any meeting newcomers attend.“I know people who are able to sustain fairly healthy relationships when they’re six months sober, but I know others who need five years.“If you go to sporting events, bars and clubs and places where people socialize, alcohol drives a lot of the relationships,” he says.

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I can’t imagine going through that a couple times a week.”Still the biggest question about dating in early recovery is this: How do you do it?

After all, when they were drinking, many alcoholics’ definition of a “date” was the same as 40-year-old Darcy’s—“Let’s get drunk and fool around.” As Nina puts it, “Dating is just weird in general.

“In general, the first year of recovery seems to be the most vulnerable time for relapse,” he says.

“It’s important to wait because you’re going to be doing clinical psychological work in the first year which will help you know better if a person is good for you or not.”Dr.

They can consider it a little guilty pleasure.” Emily Mc Combs is the Managing Editor of