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Fine art websites are stuck in a world of frustratingly tiny thumbnails / the Objectivist dating site, currently getting a lot of online attention.

Random links today / all about the Prandtl Glauert Singularity / books written and illustrated by Barbara Jones (1912-1978) / extracts from the archive of Manuel Raeder / objects by Amplifier / other objects on show at The Estrangement Gallery, all collated, curated from who knows where / amazing photography by Brendan Austin.

Capital Wasteland, a map of Fallout 3, the current hot post-apocalyptic game (via haddock) / another map, this time plotting the data from the leaked BNP members' list onto Google Maps / 'Millie The Model' comics in the 1960's at I'm Learning to Share The recent news that the design of the forthcoming American Embassy in London is to be limited to American firms only ('British firms barred from US Embassy competition') isn't enormously surprising; the modern American embassy structure don't exactly extend the open hand of cultural freedom.