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After you discover the scam, you may have questions regarding the person you were talking to, the money you may have sent, the checks you may have cashed, the reporting of the scammer, or just how the scam works. Benefits For Employers Studies indicate that offering Employee Assistance Program , EAPs may result in various benefits for employers, including lower medical costs, reduced turnover, personal stress, workplace conflicts and absenteeism, and higher employee productivity Benefits For Management Most managers indicate that counseling helps them to overcome both short and long-termed problem.

That these managers described themselves as learning something new and useful about themselves as a result of counseling.

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Your Internet Romance Partner, scammers will always try to tempt you, or other victims, with fantastic deals.

They will often provide supporting information, via a brochure, website, or fake certificate of authenticity.

When Dave told his friends about his new girlfriend, they laughed and said: "mate, you're getting scammed" but Dave kept emailing and Aleksandra always knew the right thing to say to assuage his doubts.

She sent him passport pictures, told him she had spoken about their future to her family and even started to call him "husband"."You are my loved man and I don't want to lose you," she reminded him constantly.

I have consulted with a Licensed Private Investigator who assisted me with this information so my clients and the public can be informed what could/may occur with Internet dating and online relationships.