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Gone is the days that people go to clubs or bars to find short term dates, online dating is the solution to meet your life mate. Many Filipino American personals have to use online dating sites to find their second half. Many Filipino-born ladies don't understand about life in America.

They are nervous when they arrive in the US because what they hard heard from the Media or friends is not right. Filipino American men or Fils-Ams go back to marry local single women in the Philippines is a phenomenon in the last few years.

In my fruitless search for a hot young Filipina wife for when I move there soon I joined Filipnacupid last year just to see what happens.

Soon I had 100's of gorgeous young girls interested in old me. I have learned that some of these girls actually make a decent living online chatting with gullable kano's and getting money from them.

And you can use our i Phone, Android, and Facebook dating apps to meet The Philippines singles on the go!


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