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Winter nights seldom drop below freezing; however, in a situation unique among Queensland cities, snow has been reported on the higher parts of the city on several occasions.Light frost will be experienced several nights each winter in the city center, more often in the western suburbs.Drovers and wagon masters spread the news of the new settlement at Toowoomba. It had a population of 700, three hotels and many stores.

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Rain which falls on the easternmost streets of Toowoomba flows east to Moreton Bay a distance of around 170 km (110 mi).

The rich volcanic soil in the region helps maintain the 150 public parks that are scattered across the city.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the highest temperature ever recorded in Toowoomba was 40.8 °C (105.4 °F) on 12 February 2017, while the lowest was −4.4 °C (24.1 °F) on 12 July 1965.

Rainfall in the eastern suburbs along the Great Dividing Range nudges 1,000 mm (39 in) per year.

There are more than 150 public parks and gardens in Toowoomba.