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Their friendship continued over Facebook and Skype as Vanessa relied on him for guidance—he even flew from San Diego to Canada to pace her marathon! Now the two travel around the country in their 22-foot RV as Vanessa tracks their adventures on her site, Vanessa Jim Minics THE COUPLE: Jamie Light, 32, and Aaron Snyder, 36WHEN THEY MET: April 2009WEDDING DATE: October 9, 2011THEIR STORY: It's not every day Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey sends a tweet congratulating you on your wedding.

“May you always follow each other" was his happy wish for Jamie and Aaron, when they were married in late 2011.

All the while their many Instagram followers watched the inspiring love story unfold through pictures and posts.

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" The two quickly became tweethearts, and Jamie now live-tweets Brian's show every Sunday.

And this coming February, the pair will wed in Philadelphia where the bride, the groom and all their guests plan to live-tweet the festivities using #thestelters. THE COUPLE: Vanessa Runs, 31, and Robert (Shacky) Shackelford, 45WHEN THEY MET: September 2010THEIR STORY: While training for her first marathon, Vanessa began keeping a blog of her running experiences.

Granted they were about the road closure nightmares caused by the more than 20 inches of snow just dumped on the city, but something about them caught his eye.

He clicked to check out her profile, and his hunch was right—her avatar (a pop art-inspired caricature) was very cute.

She made a list of 72 items that she was looking for in a man, then ranked them by priority. All this said, not everyone is thrilled with the sweet nerds they meet online.