Organization xiii dating game

Axel explains that the most precious of memories lie deep within a person's heart, just out of reach.He continues, claiming Sora can find such sleeping memories.

Canon-divergent, KH3D-compliant, Organization-centric KH3 fic of sorts. What was suppost to be a weapon against a keyblade weilder, turns on everyone.

The end result is a massacre that kills off each member one by one.

Riku, Axel, and Roxas are staying in Florida for a week of vacation, but when Riku picks up Sora, a homeless 'stray kitten', how will the three friend's lives be affected?

Romance/Humor/Drama; Pairings: Soriku, Akuroku, a small amount of Kairi/Namine; Riku's POV.

It's about who we are and everybody around us that we make friends with, and those friends are what makes us stronger." Ansem brings Riku to the Castle That Never Was with the express intention of leaving him in the care of Xemnas and the Organization.