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Ang kapighatiang iyon ay magtatapos sa digmaan ng Armagedon.

(Mateo ; Apocalipsis ) Ang mga kaaway ni Kristo, na inilarawan sa kaniyang ilustrasyon bilang mga kambing, ay “daranas ng parusang hatol na walang-hanggang pagkapuksa.” (2 Tesalonica 1:9; Apocalipsis , 15) Ang kaniyang tapat na mga lingkod naman, ang mga tupa, ay magkakaroon ng pag-asang “buhay na walang hanggan.”—Mateo .

Seguerra started playing the guitar and songwriting as a teenager, and had his first hit in his late teens with his official debut single, a pseudo-acoustic 2001 ballad called "Pagdating ng Panahon." The Vicor Records debut album of the same name went quintuple platinum.

His sophomore LP, Pinakamamahal, went double platinum a year later and was followed by a Christmas release and a live album from a sold-out 2002 show at the Music Museum in San Juan. The next year's Covers Uncovered would be Seguerra's final record for Vicor.

He made his Star Records debut in 2007 with Para Lang Sa ' Yo.


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