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“Each one has a different character I need to bring out.

Chopin wrote in a style that was specific to piano and he was a virtuoso pianist himself bringing out that singing quality that had not been done before.” Paul says that right from the word go there was no question that music was to be his life.

He spent five years at the Royal Academy of Music where he honed his craft to a professional level, made many contacts and began playing at some of the top venues in the classical world including the Wigmore Hall in London, the Purcell Rooms and the Festival Hall, but he played only once at the Royal Albert Hall.

His most famous venue to date was the Buenos Aires Teatro de Colon, one of the biggest grand theatres in the world, performing with the American soprano Maria Ewing, the wife of Peter Hall and the mother of actress Rebecca Hall. “There were layers and layers of balconies and when there is just two of you on stage with a spotlight on each of you – I was just a bit nervous!

In the last episode he appeared in, he was seriously injured; while attempting to execute a jump with a back-flip between two barges, he overshot the landing ramp and suffered a compression fracture of the L4 vertebra in his lower back.