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As long as you have a distraction free workspace, reliable internet and are a native English speaker you can still be and feel a big part of the team.

Hey Tina, How is that you're able to use smileys?

I imagine that you must be matured in a thick forest; those who night out roaming the neon-glittering streets are inmatured! Though I'm so tall, I'm still a kid at heart, you see. But unfortunately, my math teacher doesn't like me camping out much, so I have loads of homework today.

⁽⁽٩(๑˃̶͈̀ ᗨ ˂̶͈́)۶⁾⁾ And if you think I'm matured, then a four year old must be the same. Finally, I would like to go whit my friend and share histories.

Whoa, I still can't forget the days I've been to a jungle.