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"People are really responding to that idea because it's both inspiring and scary because it could incite vigilante behavior.

So I think it's a hot-button topic." Piven and Jones visited CNET's offices in San Francisco on Sept. We sat down together for a question-and-answer session about Silicon Valley, tech culture and the pros and cons of crowdsourcing for solving crimes. Q: What did you know or think about Silicon Valley and tech culture before you signed on to "Wisdom of the Crowd"? You're both TV stars now -- what was your favorite TV show growing up? [Points to laughing audience.]Piven: Being Jewish, I wasn't allowed to watch "Hogan's Heroes" because it was a comedy about Nazis.

That was the first form of acting I studied, and it just set me free.

I never got a chance to use it, but when I was playing Ari Gold -- he's an insane human being. And I got the -- you can select a celebrity voice now, so I selected Owen Wilson and he does his character Lightning Mc Queen.[Starts doing an Owen Wilson impersonation.] So turn left, it's a little awkward, but keep going.

And as we all know, once you put it out there [on the internet], we'll lose control of it. And now we're becoming friendly with each other and we're working together. [Laughs.]Jeremy, when you were on "Entourage," you talked about approaching that character as commedia dell'arte -- where you're sincerely believing who you are, so that It seems over the top.