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Note: Winamp 5.5x saves settings here by default, unless you upgraded from an older version where 'shared' setups (settings saved to the Program Files\Winamp folder) are still respected.

Settings will also be in %App Data%\Winamp if you selected "separate settings per user" in the 5.2x-5.35 installer options.

You can also backup: * The ML config file, gen_(Winamp\Plugins dir) * The "Winamp\Plugins\ml" dir (main Local Media database files = & main.idx, stored ML Playlists = & the m3u/m3u8 files, History = recent.dat/idx, podcasts = & rss.xml), but please try the default (re)installation before adding any backups.

Note: Winamp 5.55 (or later) users can use the included "Database Import/Export" plugin (ml_impex.dll) to export the local media library database to xml and re-import it after a clean installation (Media Library - Import/Export Database).

-Does not support Advanced Title Formatting -Does not support any unicode/international characters in filenames/tags.