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Hanna, 44, was born in Ithaca, New York, and came to L. in 1996, where she has worked as an actor, director, choreographer and producer.

Her abiding love for dance has also been evident in programming: In 2013, Edmunds gave the groundbreaking choreographer, Trisha Brown, now 79, a retrospective, including presenting, "Man Walking Down the Side of a Building." The director recently explained that programming decisions don't necessarily occur in single projects or in single artists.

"One of the things I look at from the institution itself, a criteria for us -- meaning the Center -- is: Do we have adequate resources to support the work as it was intended to be experienced by a public -- which is not as easy as it sounds -- the ability to find avenues of context and connection to diverse publics from the students to academic scholar areas, to the general public; and are we able to build bridges and connections across different kinds of people?

When it comes to programming options, Los Angeles has an embarrassment of riches, says Kristy Edmunds, artistic and executive director of the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA since 2011.

"Los Angeles is an enormous cosmopolitan city with an extraordinary range of artists, practitioners and programming, and as an inhabitant you're spoiled for choice," she says.

If there is one gap in a three-day [engagement] with a dance company or theater ensemble that three days can make or break an entire tour. There's a lot of commitment and multiple years of discussion that go into these things -- then visas, protocol, homeland security -- and the resources to get the visas in position." Knowing that UCLA has had a performing arts live presenting program for close to 80 years, Edmunds said, "When you look at that, you have to look across multiple decades and chapters and eras that have committed to exploring the practices of live performance.


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