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Only 10 percent of affairs last even a month; and the rest last, at most, a year or two.

Very few extramarital affairs last longer than three or four years.

This monogamy was necessary to ensure that no one cheated outside of the family lines and that property ownership stayed within the male lineage.

Today, we marry not only to share property but for love and for desire.

Do we have the capacity to mate with people outside of our primary partnership, because at heart we are just animals? Do we have the capacity to make higher functioning decisions because our brains have evolved since the time we lived in caves? In a recent study, Rafael Wlodarski and his team of researchers at Oxford University looked at the rate of infidelity by the length of ring fingers compared to the index fingers of respondents, and they found a slightly higher number, with 62 percent of men and 50 percent of women being prone to infidelity (compared to 57 percent of men and 47 percent of women with shorter ring ringers).