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"Figures in film can become important without being heroic - think of Harry Dean Stanton in - they usually appeared in more serious films," he says.

"An unrealistic Bond became an icon; Hud and Fast Eddie never did." The first Bond films were released in the '60s and, as James Chapman notes in , the character of Bond changed to reflect the social and political conditions of that time.

The gadgets are gone, Bond is slightly less superhuman and the excruciating genital torture scene is supposed to be enacted.

But fans of the books shouldn't get too excited; judging from the trailers, it seems that yet again Fleming's introspective civil servant has been discarded for a swaggering action hero. After all, had Fleming's deeply misogynistic, racist and occasionally impotent Bond been accurately portrayed on film in the first place, he would never have become a pop culture hero.

And unlike the books, where Bond often worries about his performance and at the end of is temporarily impotent, on screen the secret agent's mojo never goes missing.