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A clause in the Constitution’s 12th Amendment puts the power of deciding an election in the hands of Congress if no candidate receives a majority...

Golfing legend Lee Trevino is born on this day in 1939, in Dallas, Texas.

Dennis Richardson, the Oregon Republican Secretary of state candidate, waves Nov. – Oregon’s secretary of state is asking lawmakers to move Oregon’s presidential election primary two months forward to March, so Oregonians can have a greater say on who the nominees will be.

8, 2016, to the crowd during an election night event at the Salem Convention Center in Salem, Ore. In a letter to Oregon’s political leaders, Dennis Richardson, who is also Oregon’s chief elections officer, asked for support in urging the state Legislature to change the date.

Growing up in a poor Mexican-American family, Trevino and his two sisters were raised by his mother and his grandfather in a house without electricity or indoor plumbing. In two crucial meetings (on this day and two days later) at the White House, President Lyndon B.