Project reality servers not updating

I tried publishing the project (from PWA only), removing the webpart and adding it again, edit the properties, with no luck...

If someone has a trick for this part, please share it, it would be quite tedious to recreate the existing sites, attach them to the projects and migrate the content.

project reality servers not updating-83project reality servers not updating-11

What do I see if I click on a task in the project timeline??

The timeline in the site's webpart is built from the site tasks list, not from the schedule timeline itself, nor from the project.

Obviously the timeline is one of the new sexy feature that we do like presenting to customer.

The immediate conclusion saying "it is not available with Project Online sites" was neither acceptable technically nor from a customer point of view. As you might know, the site tasks list is synchronized with the project tasks and is in read-only mode in the project site.

They are listed in reverse date order - newest at the top.