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Buery will be tasked with the execution of it—no easy task considering the difficulty of securing enough space, in the right neighborhoods, to attract parents. Buery will also oversee the community school initiative, one of the central tenets of Mr. He’ll fill the role of Peter Ragone, who had a relentless focus on the long game and shaping the mayor’s legacy, but will bring the experience of running bumpy day-to-day press operations. Since then, her visible role in the administration has shrunk. Gresham was given a front row seat at his inauguration. Cuomo—ensuring the needs of health care workers won’t be ignored any time soon. And the state legislature is still considering raising the cap on non-union charter schools.

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Mark-Viverito to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. But his client list also includes some of the biggest real estate firms in city, like Two Trees and Forest City Ratner. As other top staffers like Larry Schwartz, Howard Glaser and Steven Cohen departed the Cuomo administration—if not Mr. Percoco is someone city officials are likely to turn to when they need to get something done. Emma Wolfe Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Ms.

His wife, Debbie, served as deputy chief of staff to the indicted Mr. Wolfe’s formal title is director of intergovernmental affairs, which is bureaucracy-speak for saying she has her hands in just about everything—from City Council legislation to last year’s State Senate races to the selection of the new assembly speaker, Carl Heastie.

Stringer was shaping up to be the prime Democratic voice of opposition to Mr. He took big swings at the mayor’s pace of contract registration for his pre-K program, knocked him for the city’s failure to work with women and minority-owned contractors enough, and questioned his plan for Wi-Fi booths around the five boroughs. Stringer has been reluctant to fully embrace the identity of the mayor’s foil, leaving him in limbo. Olatoye has a tough task ahead of her, but is set to announce a pilot program called “Next-Generation” in May that the administration hopes will ultimately boost funding and improve safety for the 600,000 New Yorkers who rely on NYCHA. Avi Fink Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Mr. Fink is a key liaison to the city’s booming Orthodox Jewish communities. de Blasio negotiated the regulation of a controversial circumcision ritual and tried to ensure that his pre-K program could meet the needs of observant Jews, Mr. de Blasio’s side, working through the thorny issues of religion and politics. Neal Kwatra Founder and CEO, Metro Public Strategies In the world of political consulting, Neal Kwatra’s star continues to rise.

He’s angered City Hall enough to do serious damage to his relationship with the administration, but has not gone far enough in opposing the mayor to create a new identity as a foe or potential challenger (as his predecessor, John Liu, was seen). Fink is unknown beyond City Hall, but he is now one of the mayor’s more trusted advisers. The former chief of staff to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was a chief campaign consultant for the State Democratic Party last year and spearheaded Congressman Charles Rangel’s stunning re-election win.

He spoke eloquently after the traumatic murder of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn and backed up the mayor when police unions attacked him.