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For many decades, commercial radio airplay has been highly coveted by songwriters, musicians and record labels alike because of its enormous promotional power and reach.It has been well understood that consistent commercial airplay accompanies significant music sales, generates public performance royalties, and burnishes a recording artist’s profile.The trial ceased operating on Monday 1 December 2008.

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The Irish people have a very unique relationship with the radio, with 8 out of 10 adults listening to it every day, making it a great platform for artists to connect with – and be listened to – by 3 million people daily.

86% of adults listen to radio on the average weekday, with people listening for over 4 hours a day and this figure is on the rise.

On this page, you can listen live to ALL commercial radio stations based in the Republic of Ireland.

Please note that only licensed national, regional and local radio stations are listed on this page.

Note the general output of RTÉ 2fm before sending in material.