Radiometric dating lab

The short time immediately after an action potential in which the neuron cannot respond to another stimulus, owing to an increase in potassium permeability.

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The AMS Laboratory was founded to provide radiometric dating services to the University of Kiel and to customers from all over the world.

Due to the high demand for radiocarbon dates and the layout of the system, the AMS is used exclusively for radiocarbon analysis.

The Stable Isotope Laboratory offers the possibility to analyse the composition of stable isotopes in carbonates (C in dissolved inorganic carbon).

Due to the fact that during physicochemical processes like evaporation the composition of stable isotopes changes, their composition can be used to reconstruct these processes or the environmental conditions in general.

Altruistic behavior between unrelated individuals; believed to produce some benefit to the altruistic individual in the future when the current beneficiary reciprocates.


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