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Floh has built a unique community of people who have studied in some of the most prestigious institutions in India and across the world.They are passionate about the work they do and their professions range from lawyers, investment bankers, doctors, entrepreneurs to journalists, artists, educationists and those who dedicate their lives to social causes.28 people found their partner at Floh last year and 40 people have found their partner at Floh this year already!

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We have been a huge success ever since we started because of our quality.

Our uncompromising quality makes us different from the rest. Keeping your health in mind we use the choicest ingredients.

With over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing highly scalable web solutions, Vishal heads our Engineering wing.

Before this, he co-founded topchalks.com, an e-learning company and had raised USD 3 million from DFJ.

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