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And even better, the continued support is absolutely brilliant! After going about a week without All CPU Meter, I have realized how dependent I am on it...It tells me everything I need to know about my computer's processing management.I know what to expect in the readings, and can tell if something fishy is changing the way the system is operating. I use most of your gadgets, they really come in handy when you want know whats going on with your system, Especially the Network Meter.

The 2nd step about registering xml was apparently the problem.

Anyone out there using this app, follow the FAQ about display problems and you should be fine, great gadget and very informational.

These are far and away the best performance meters available! Once I set its properties to run with admin rights, the core temperature begin to show correctly in CPU meter. I would like to say Thank You to the developer and all his work to get this to us, I have made several donations to ensure he is able to do more. There is only one thing now, because of which I don't install new version: PC Meter in it's current stage of develop is not supports G15. Global Access Software, Custom Built Computers and Entertainment Systems, International I Have been using this for about a month now and i like it very much.

They, when configured properly, show more useful information in a line down the side of my screen than I can get scrolling through several pages of stuff on Task Manager, and it's all visible at a glance! - Rocky I have been using it for more than a year now and am quite satisfied with its performance. For me it's very helpful to see CPU core temps in any fullscreen app. At a Glance i can see whats going on with my computer.

I'm not upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7 64-bit, until their Service Pack 25 (wry humor) is released. You guys are doing a fab job on these user friendly gadgets.