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Pretty convoluted for i Tunes (although podcast playlist support has never been great anyway).

But it does exactly what I wanted to do: put all the latest daily episodes of my selected playlists into one list ready for me to play automatically each morning as I wake up and brew the coffee.

Create a smart playlist, and then set Podcast to "true," (see below for the settings) and change the Album to whatever your playlist's Album is (I had to "Get Info," or -I, on a few of the shows to figure out what they used for an Album identifier).

Finally (and this is the key), you'll want to check "Limit to," and limit the playlist to one item selected by "most recently added." That will give you a playlist with only one item in it: the most recent show i Tunes has downloaded for you.

Hopefully this article gave you some ideas about what you can do with Smart Playlists. In Windows Media player you can make a smart playlist by right clicking on the playlist folder and choosing “Create Auto Playlist”.