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As we mentioned earlier, Russian women are very loyal people and proud of their history.

By showing her that family values and being family-orientated is important to you, you can start to form mutual interests.

3) It’s no secret, as a Western man you are bringing to the table stability, both from a financial and a security point of view.

If family isn’t a major part of your life, talk about where you grew up, what life was like for you as a child or even funny stories from your past.

It’s also important that you don’t do all the talking.

1) Across many parts of Russia there is a definite imbalance in the population where women outnumber men.

Think of most nightclubs after 2am, except the exact opposite. Well with most things in life, it’s easy to become complacent when you have a lot to choose from and sadly this is the complaint from many Russian women regarding Russian men.

But fear not, here are some useful tips to make talking to Russian women a breeze. Like many women, Russian women find confidence attractive so it’s important to come across as assertive without being aggressive.


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