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, meaning "The Cave with Bones") is a system of 12 karstic galleries and chambers located near the city Anina, in the Caraș-Severin county, southwestern Romania, where some of the oldest early modern human remains in Europe (37,800 years old) have been discovered.In 2015 genetics research revealed that the Oase 1 fossil had a recent Neanderthal ancestor, with an estimated 5-11% Neanderthal autosomal DNA.

Radiocarbon dating indicates that the skull is 37,800 years old, making it amongst the oldest modern human fossils ever found in Europe.

as well as mitochondrial a DNA differences have suggested a major physical anthropological discontinuity and hence, a complete population replacement at the Middle-to-Upper Palaeolithic transition, leading to what one might call "Out of Africa with Complete Replacement" model.

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Thus, an entire anterior cranial skeleton was found along with a largely complete left temporal bone and a number of frontal, parietal and occipital bone segments.


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    Bray’s glaciological and solar studies were reproduced in 1973 by Denton and Karlén who did a more detailed study of world glacial advances and came up with essentially the same periodicity, 2500 years (figure 51 A). Throughout this work both the climatic and solar cycle are referred to as the Bray cycle, and the lows of the cycle, associated with enhanced C production, and climatic changes manifested by cooling, glacier advances, increased drift ice in the North Atlantic, and atmospheric, oceanic, and precipitation changes, are numbered from more recent backwards as B1, B2, …, with B1 the Little Ice Age. Dark grey trace, reconstruction of time coefficient by singular spectrum analysis of detrended and normalized alkenone based SST variance, from a NW Africa marine sediment core, as a proxy for AO/NAO oscillation. The AO often shares phase with the NAO, that reflects differences in the strength of two pressure centers in the North Atlantic: the low pressure near Iceland, and the high pressure over the Azores. The authors show evidence that the increased salinity, temperature, and water stratification, at times of abrupt climate change, are due to an increase in the Atlantic inflow of warmer saline subtropical gyre waters at the expense of the fresher and colder subpolar gyre waters. Holocene Ireland hydrology has been reconstructed from oaks and pines collected from bogs. Holocene variations in subtropical Atlantic SST from marine sediment core 658C. Ice-rafted debris stack (inverted) from four North Atlantic sediment cores. (2013) reconstruction of intermediate water temperatures at the equatorial Indo-Pacific Warm Pool, the warmest oceanic region in the world.

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