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Reconfigurable computing platforms and architectures; heterogeneous platforms (e.g., including FPGA/GPU/CPU); reconfigurable processors; reconfigurable computing for high-performance computers and data centers; statically and dynamically reconfigurable and reprogrammable systems and components; FPGA architectures and FPGA circuit design; design methods and tools for reconfigurable computing and communication systems.

Combinational and sequential synthesis for deep-submicron circuits; data structures for synthesis; technology mapping; performance and timing-driven synthesis; combined logic synthesis and layout design and characterization, statistical timing analysis and closure; hierarchical and non-hierarchical controller synthesis; methods for FSM optimization, synthesis and analysis; asynchronous and mixed synchronous/asynchronous circuits; FPGA synthesis; arithmetic circuits; floorplanning; automated place-and-route; interconnect- and performance-driven layout; process technology developments; parasitic and variation-aware extraction for on-chip interconnect and passives; macro-modeling, behavioral and reduced order modeling; modeling and analysis of noise due to electromagnetic interaction of signal, power/ground, and substrate.

TPC and track chairs can update the track and topic texts by writing an e-mail to the This track addresses design automation, design tools and hardware architectures for electronic and embedded systems.