Rssinclude not updating

scare you though; nobody pays for an RSS subscription.

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For example, you update your blog every week or so with new content about your product or industry.

In contrast, the content on your As a customer or fan of your product, I’ll certainly want to learn about your groundbreaking new developments (posted on the blog), but might not be so interested in your newly hired vice-president of human resources on your About Us page (although if you really want me to know, you can certainly publish a blog post!

Despite having virtually no users, the Mail churns out 160 RSS feeds and the Mirror 280.

All so a couple of thousand people can look at them in total. And while the Guardian has a couple of RSS readers with decent numbers (partly because Google recommends it in its news bundle), it has more feeds than there are people in the UK …

In terms of features, Dapper has the most detailed and extensive options, so make sure you read their tutorials. Feed Marklet Feedmarklet gives you your own RSS feed instantly, with no sign up required, probably the simplest and the easiest to use, but it requires manual updating of the feed that you generate.