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Nadia Ford: I hope this trip will bring me some sort of closure. After taking that lie detector test, Viktoria decided not to stick around for the official results. Borukhov passed out, and while he remained unconscious, Viktoria allegedly went on a shopping spree. Olga Tsvyk, a Queens stylist, is another survivor of Viktoria's cooking. Peter Van Sant: Did you pick it up and take a bite? Olga Tsvyk: Probably, I ate the soup because I don't remember. I believe that she poisoned soup too, because it was not enough with cheesecake. There, etched in stone is her mother's name -- but something is missing. …if she's not gonna tell me how she killed, tell me the date, when.

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I like the things most young people love - sports (fitness, swimming, tennis), reading, going out, movies etc...

I'm a kind, active, home and child-loving, reliable person.

Herman Weisberg: The "Mitzvah Lady" looked into her eyes and -- and saw that she was going through the worst possible situation and just couldn't help herself. …The person who raised two kids back in, you know, Russia in '90s on her own, have four or five jobs and, and you know, trying to give her kids the best.

Ford now had one of New York's finest private investigators on the case trying to solve the disappearance of her mother, Alla Aleksenko.

I'm fond of theatre, contemporary arts, traveling, learning the languages etc.