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Russian muslim dating

“But the only thing which really hurt me was my family’s response — they still thought that I’d been ‘recruited’, corrupted, radicalised.”Milana’s anonymous social media friend continued to write to her.

After half a year, without even having seen a photograph of her, he proposed marriage.

In modern Russia, there is a multitude of stories involving non-Muslim women marrying Muslim men— and a multitude of possible endings to those stories Milana got to know her future husband on Odnoklassniki, a popular social networking site. “My page on the site was completely blank — no photo, barely any information. ’”The man asked whether Milana was “jiakhilya”, explaining that this was somebody who didn’t fully observe the demands of their faith, which irritated her.

All of a sudden, I received a message from a guy with a similarly anonymous profile. “He then told me that a true Muslim woman should pray, and should cover her hair in public,” she says.

“Of course, he wasn’t with me for the whole time — he just dropped by occasionally to spend the night,” she says.